Queerythm Pride Walk 2017

Dear Friends

Queerythm is a Community Based Organization,  that advocates and campaigns for the rights of gender and sexual minorities.                        

 The Government of Kerala has begun to address the rights of the LGBTIQ community by unveiling India’s first transgender policy. Despite such moves many misconceptions prevailing in our society lead to the portrayal and viewing of Transgenders and other sexual minorities  in a very negative light.                        

 Developments like the historic reading-down of IPC 377 by the Delhi High Court in 2009 have led to the correction of some of these misconceptions.                        

But the problems faced by gender and sexual minorities still remain to be addressed as human rights issues. Across the world, the months of July and August each year are observed as a time to campaign for the rights of our community through Pride Walks and related cultural events.                        

The LGBTIQ community in Kerala too has been celebrating such events in recent years.This year, our organization Queerythm has decided to hold celebrations at Manaveeyam Veedhi, Thiruvananthapuram, on 23 July (Sunday).                        

In connection with these, we have also decided to distribute school material to fifty children from financially challenged homes and felicitate a few people belonging to the LGBTIQ community.                        

 In connection with all this we have decided to conduct a Pride March and a Bike Rally at 4:00 PM from the University College to Manaveeyam Veedhi. We hereby lovingly invite you to join us in these events and support our efforts. City Police Commissioner Mr. Sparjan Kumar IPS will flag off the rally. Member of Parliament Dr. A Sampath will inaugurate the Cultural Eve. Dr. P S Sreekala will deliver the study kit. We expect the Mayor, Counselor IP Binu, Youth Commission Chairperson Chintha Jerome on the eve. We request your support and solidarity for the Pride March and the Eve in Manaveeyam. 

Prijith P K- Secretary Call: 9747811406


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